Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fools

Wow, are they stupid.

On Sunday, “Fox & Friends” quickly jumped to news of the president’s plans to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to three Central American countries over the flow of migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump has already warned of closing the border.

As Henry talked about the president “going full-court press on Mexico” and co-host Pete Hegseth spoke of “cutting payments, aid payments, to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras,” a chyron — the caption superimposed over the video — characterized it slightly differently. It referred to them as “3 Mexican countries.”


Later in the show, Henry would apologize for the chyron, saying that “it never should have happened.”

Actually, this is par for Fox News, and I’m sure that the base that they play to saw absolutely nothing wrong with the chyron.  As one person on Twitter noted, all Latin American countries look alike to them, and another remarked this pretty much sums up the Trumpian view of the region.