Friday, April 26, 2019

Good Old Joe

I’d vote for Joe Biden if he was the Democratic nominee in 2020. That said, I’d vote for Teddy the Wonder Lizard if he was the one who could beat Trump.

I concur with Josh Marshall and a lot of other smart people who have concerns that the former vice president and senator from Delaware is the perfect candidate but only if it was 1988.

But it’s not, and while there’s no one out there in the field that has as much experience as he has and who has spent enough time in the West Wing already to know how to make it run, he also brings a busload of baggage that will make him vulnerable to the hypocritical attacks from Trump and others about his business connections and touching women.  (Like they’re going to sue for trademark infringement.)

I’m glad to hear that his primary goal is to beat Trump.  We all want that.  Then what?  Let’s hear something from him that goes beyond November 2020 and how he’ll reverse the damage wrought by four years of corruption and hatred.

Like I said, I’d vote for him.  But I’d rather it be for him than just to be against someone else.

3 barks and woofs on “Good Old Joe

    • Oh, I’m a Juicer from way back. I think John’s right; I’d prefer someone without all the history Biden has.

  1. You might change your minds if you’d read David Brooks’ (yes I said THAT David Brooks’) op-ed in today’s New York Times. I got teary. And it put me firmly into the Joe column.

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