Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Random Thought

I’m not going to defend or excuse former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged touching of anyone, but any Republican who calls him out for it had better be ready to be greeted with derisive laughter in light of who they have foisted upon us in the White House.

One bark on “Random Thought

  1. I’m about 16 years older than Joe so I’m sort of in his generation. I’m familiar with his way of dealing with women – it’s insulting if you think of it as patronizing, but not so much if you recognize a desire to connect in the only way men of a certain age thought was warm and friendly. In no way is it, was it threatening unless the guy who was holding your hand or patting your back had eyes on other parts of your body – which few of these older bosses ever did. Women should ease up, step back and let it go. A squeeze of the hand or a clutch of the shoulder is just that – “hello, kitty” – so please find something else to talk about.

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