Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Twitter Tantrum

Via C&L:

True narcissists can never stop bragging about themselves.

Trump lives on Twitter and brags about his Twitter success, yet now he’s complaining that the social networking platform is targeting him and his followers.

He’s losing followers.  It happens when you come across as borderline insane; people slowly walk away from you like they do when they hear someone muttering about the voices in their head while standing on the subway platform.  So he blames it on some vast conspiracy by the folks at Twitter to silence him to the point that he calls in the CEO of Twitter to complain.

Yesterday morning in the same time frame that the only people up are insomniac cat burglars and blogger, he tweeted over 50 rants about everything from Mueller to taunting Joe Scarborough to why doesn’t Gene Shalit comb his hair.  (Okay, I made that last one up, but you get the idea.)

In all, Trump tweeted or retweeted more than 50 times in a 24-hour period.

The media was the primary target of Trump’s ire Tuesday morning, as he complained that he is subject to an unprecedented level of press scrutiny and lashed out at outlets from The New York Times to morning cable news shows while also taking shots at individual personalities.

In normal times with normal people and normal people keeping an eye on things, this would be the time to call the doctor and prescribe a nice vacation in a place where nice people will take care of you and you can watch TV in the day room and play cards under the watchful eye of Nurse Ratched.

But as we all know, these are not normal times.