Friday, May 17, 2019

Happy Friday

I’ve been finding out that four-day work weeks are becoming a Thing,  A lot of my co-workers and fellow commuters on the train are either doing ten-hour days to get the day off or are doing what I’m doing; using up excess vacation days — that’s a Thing, too — and are sleeping in or taking short trips to visit friends, family, or just get away.

So I’m trendy and didn’t even know it.

Just a heads-up to let you know of some things coming up that will impact the content and quantity here.  Next Wednesday I head out to Independence, Kansas, for my annual trip to the William Inge Theatre Festival where we will honor the work of Octavio Solis and I will present a paper on the depiction of addiction and recovery in Inge’s “Come Back, Little Sheba.”

I get back in time for Memorial Day, and then on June 7 I leave for a week in Valdez, Alaska, and the Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference where “A Moment of Clarity” will be done in a staged reading, along with a great group of other plays and playwrights.  The week will also include a Ten-Minute Play Slam where “Ask Me Anything” will be performed, and there’s also a monologue workshop where a piece from “Can’t Live Without You” has been selected.  I’ve also entered two one-minute plays in the Fringe event, so I’m going to be busy… but not too busy to enjoy the scenery of being in Alaska.

This photo was taken on May 17, 1983, in Estes Park, Colorado, as I was helping set up camp for the summer at Cheley Colorado Camps where I worked for ten great summers between 1976 and 1986.

Yes, it had just snowed about two feet and so the idea of getting ready for summer camp was a tad ironic.  But that didn’t deter us then, and I just saw a Facebook post where the pre-camp crew has arrived at camp and they’re getting ready already.

I’m happy to report there’s no snow here today.