Friday, May 31, 2019

Happy Friday

This is the one Friday of this month and the next where I am going to work: it’s month-end and we’re short-staffed with a lot of other people on vacation.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t put up a nice picture.

This is a view of Grand Traverse Bay in northern Michigan that was part of my summer from about 1959 to 1997. I learned to sail on these waters, made a lot of friends, and enjoyed long twilights and cool evenings.

One bark on “Happy Friday

  1. Well, speaking from the other side of Lake Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, Wednesday was the first day of the year you could comfortably go outside without a coat. Our garden is still under water, the trees are just starting to leaf out, and I’m really tired of trudging down into the basement twice a day with the wet vac. What a weird year….I know, I know, we haven’t suffered the violent weather of some parts of the country but if you really want to infuriate me give me a “look on the bright side” speech.

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