Tuesday, May 7, 2019

One Way Or Another

Trump trolled the twitterverse with his approval of Jerry Falwell Jr’s idea that somehow Trump deserves either reparations or another two years to make up for the years “stolen from him” because of the Mueller investigation.  It’s nothing more than a stupid attempt at getting a rise out of the usual suspects, and it to some degree it worked in that some columnists and cable chatterers thought it was worth discussing.

It’s not.  Even though Trump has made noises about contesting a close election in the past, he’s all bluster and bullshit and when his time is up he’ll go.  Not quietly, and it may take a couple of well-muscled federal marshals and the Secret Service, but he’ll be escorted out of the White House.

The only downside is that there won’t be a tumbrel to take him away.