Friday, June 28, 2019

Debate 2 Rap

I managed to catch some of the second round of the Democrats’ marathon last night.  First impression was that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is the new flavor of the month with her take-down of Joe Biden and his cranky response.  Second, Mayor Pete came across as someone with a lot more smarts and experience than just about every other back-of-the-field candidate, including Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Who the hell thought that adding Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson belonged up there?  I have no idea what Mr. Yang stands for, and Ms. Williamson seemed to be pulled in from the bus shelter on Biscayne Boulevard by mistake.

So, what did you think?

2 barks and woofs on “Debate 2 Rap

  1. Yang (buy him a tie, by the way), Williamson, Bennet, and Hickenlooper all need to pack up their egos and go home; either run for Senate or House or local office, or work to support the viable candidates, and Swalwell needs to do better than passing the torch if he’s to gain any headway.

  2. There are too many aspiring egos for the DNC to handle so this is a winnowing. The next debate will be only those who’ve gained enough traction, raised enough money and gotten recognition thereby. If you didn’t make an impression or, like Biden, you seemed sort of out of it you’ll be gone. I’ll bet we’ll find Harris grabbing the torch and running with it. She’s tough. President Harris? Has a nice ring to it – a black woman, no less. One can only hope.

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