Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Friday

So it’s time for the June solstice, when the sun reaches its furthest north point — today at 11:54 a.m. EDT — and summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here in South Florida that means we’ll have 13:44 hours of daylight, and it also means that the sun will begin to move south relative to our position.  So we’re on our way towards shorter days and hurricane season.

Always look on the bright side of life.

6 barks and woofs on “Happy Friday

  1. I think summer is planned for a Thursday this year in the Upper Peninsula. It’s been cold (not pleasantly cool, cold) and so rainy that the farmers can’t plant. So far about 60 percent of the normal corn crop and less than 40 percent of the soybean crop has been planted, and those numbers are similar throughout the Midwest. Get ready for some shocks at the grocery store this fall.

    • Global warming is screwing up farmers and people who live next to the water as they see the sea creeping up to their doorsteps. But, you know, our dear leader says there’s no such thing as global warming. Party on.

      • FWIW, as of today two counties in the UP (Baraga and Houghton) now have no functioning dairy farms. There was one left in each county, and both are closing today.

  2. I like to think of the summer solstice as the beginning of the end of summer! Miami’s temperature today is expected to be 97 with a feels like temp in the triple digits.

  3. The ocean water in the NE will continue to get warmer for a month. It’s a little below my standards still at Coney Island/Long Island beaches. From the East end of Long Island northward it never gets warm enough.

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