Friday, June 28, 2019

Not Surprising At All

The Supreme Court ended the term with two rulings that ratified the belief that despite all their protestations that they are supremely non-political and only follow the written word of the Constitution, we all know it’s bullshit, and they know it, too.

The gerrymandering ruling was not unexpected at all, with a 5-4 right wing majority saying that the federal courts have no say whatsoever in state-wide political manipulation.  That’s ironic given that the Court with the same majority had no trouble whatsoever in diving into a state-wide political manipulation and gave the presidency to George W. Bush.  Funny too that if the case had been about Democrats re-working the congressional districts to their favor, odds are that they would have found a clause in the Constitution to put and end to it.

As for the census citizenship question, the 5-4 ruling basically told Trump to come up with a better bullshit reason to add it to the census and they’ll consider it.  Chances are that they will.

Both of these cases make it imperative for voters to remember that when they choose someone to run for president, they’re not just choosing someone for four or eight years; they’re looking down the road a lifetime, and those three little words — The Supreme Court — should be etched on the ballot every time.

One bark on “Not Surprising At All

  1. To our everlasting regret we liberals regularly forget that the point of an election is to choose the chooser of the next Supreme Court appointment. Republicans never forget that so they held their collective noses and voted in their nominee because he’d take the advice of the Club For Growth and appoint not one but possibly three new judges.

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