Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This Isn’t Florida

I’ve lived or visited a lot of different places with different climates, and I learn to appreciate the differences.  For instance, in Florida you are very aware of the intensity of the sun so putting on SPF 50 to go out and work in the yard is part of the deal, assuming you care about not getting skin cancer.  Here in coastal Alaska in the summer you carry industrial-strength Off! in your pocket or purse.

This was sent by Bob, and while it’s humorous, it’s applicable. The skeeters here are not as big as the ones in the sign — I think that applies more to northern Minnesota or Michigan — but they’re just as annoying.

The other adjustment is the amount of daylight in the summer.  As I noted previously, this close to the Arctic Circle this time of year, the sky is lit up for 24 hours and the sun is up for over 19.  In Florida we are used to basically 12 hours of daylight year-round and virtually no twilight: when the sun goes down, the sky goes dark almost immediately.

It rained yesterday afternoon and evening. In Florida we’re used to downpours that are localized and heavy. Here on the coast of Alaska, it’s more like a light drizzle and mist that settles in for a while.

I haven’t included any pictures of the plays yet because they haven’t done mine yet.  That changes today — or tonight, actually — when “Gee Your Butt Smells Terrific” goes up at the Fringe.

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  1. There’s a joke here about waking up and finding two 6-foot mosquitoes at the foot of your bed. One says “should we eat him here or take him back to the swamp?” and the other replies, “Naw, if we take him back to the swamp the big guys will get him.”

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