Monday, July 15, 2019

“I’m Shocked, Shocked…”

I seriously doubt that anyone is truly shocked that Trump went on a racist rant via Twitter this weekend against four Democratic women in Congress, telling them to “go back where they came from.”  (For three out of the four, that would be here, as in the United States, including Cincinnati and New York.)  He’s merely thumbing out loud what he’s been saying all along in less direct terms, and I am certain that his base has been miles ahead of him on that score.  Certainly his minions have been laying that pipeline all along but couching it in Fox News-friendly fashion so it doesn’t sound like it’s spoken through a white hood in front of a burning cross.  The question is, what’s taken him so long to finally say it?

What will be mildly interesting is how his wormtongues such as Kellyanne Conway and the like will contort themselves into making it either no big deal or attempt to make it a positive for him.  I have no doubt they’ll try and perhaps even come up with colorful and creative ways of turning blatant racism into how great America has been made again.

What will be interesting for the moment is how this plays with the mainline Republicans and the ones who could actually do something about him.  There is no evidence whatsoever that they will grow anything that resembles a spine and stand up to him, and musing about denying him the renomination in 2020 is pure nonsense; of course he’ll be their nominee, and some of them will even campaign with him as the man who stood up against the brown Socialist horde of angry women.  If they didn’t reach the breaking point over his dissing of John McCain even after he’s dead, or the attack on the Gold Star parents, or the pussy-grabbing, or the scores of sexual assault victims coming forth, or the mocking of the disabled, or setting up concentration camps that would earn an Iron Cross from Heinrich Himmler, what makes anyone think that this old tired racist tripe will make any difference?  But let’s see them try to make the case that enough is enough and this time they mean it.  No, really, they do.

If there’s a glimmer of a silver lining or unintended consequence, it may be that this will put an end to the typical summertime dems-in-disarray that they worked themselves into with the spat between the Squad and Speaker Pelosi.  Nothing unites the disparate and disarrayed like an attack from the outside.  The irony is that if there’s a boost for the Democrats, it may well be that they have Trump’s thumbs to thank for it.

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  1. “There is no evidence whatsoever that they will grow anything that resembles a spine and stand up to him.” About Mainline Republicans. Add mainline Democrats.

    • Does a 45% approval rating translate into fear of him on behalf of the Republicans who cower before his ugly racism? Hands over eyes, thumbs in ears. Sad.

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