Wednesday, August 7, 2019

“Beat Them”

Former Rep. David Jolly of Florida, and formerly a Republican, lets fly on MSNBC:

I find myself today offering the same insight I did at the night of the Parkland shooting a few hours from our home in Florida, which is this: Republicans will NEVER do anything on gun control, nothing, EVER. They won’t. Think about Las Vegas. They did nothing when 500 people were injured. The Pulse nightclub, 50 killed. The question for the nation was, do we allow suspected terrorists to buy firearms? Republicans did nothing. Parkland, they did nothing. Emanuel AME in South Carolina, nothing. Go to Sandy Hook in Connecticut, nothing. Jewish temple in Pittsburgh, nothing. Jewish temple in San Diego, nothing. Sutherland Springs, evangelical church in Texas, nothing. Now you have Texas, now you have Ohio in the same weekend and all we get is silence. I say that because if this is the issue that forms your ideology as a voter the strength to draw in this moment is to commit to BEATING Republicans, BEAT them. Beat every single one of them. Even the safe ones in the House, BEAT them. Beat them in the SENATE. Take back the Senate.

Welcome to the club, David.  We’re having jackets made.

I think a few current GOP office holders are getting the hint: there are now upwards of twelve in Congress who have announced that they see the train heading towards them and are now planning to spend more time with their family.  And as the Democratic presidential field narrows, those who are pulling less than stellar ratings but still have a chance to win in a local race, e.g. Senate, should figure out a graceful way to turn their sights on doing that. That is where the true difference can be made.