Thursday, August 1, 2019

Democrats Debate Round 2 Second Night

I saw snippets, but I’ll take a spin around the pundit’s playpen and see what I come up with.

So far it seems that Cory Booker redeemed himself, as did Julian Castro, and Joe Biden surprised some chin-strokers by actually showing some spryness.  I’ll dig in deeper and update as I get into the weeds (and worry about mixing metaphors later, when I’ve had some more coffee).

Okay, after consulting the tea-leaves and coffee grounds, the consensus seems to be that Joe Biden didn’t do any harm to himself but didn’t make a huge leap, which is about all you can hope for when the field is so crowded, and that it’s high time for the folks drawing 1% in the polls make other plans or suck up to the eventual nominee for a cabinet position or run for the Senate, especially in states where the GOP is facing a tough re-elect such as Colorado (hi, John Hickenlooper).

I did watch the first few minutes with the WWE-style introductions and the color guard parade complete with the Pledge of Allegiance.  (What, no jet flyover?)  That was to shore up any questions about Democrats being patriotic. To run that idea into the ground, Tulsi Gabbard ran an ad during the first commercial break where she recited the Pledge of Allegiance in her military uniform.  Okay, we get it.  The question is, why bother?  We know that Trump and the Republican minions will call them traitors anyway.

I get it that this is all a ritual that we’re going through and it’s fun to mock the crowd.  But this is a very strange way to select someone to take out an existential threat to our nation, and doing it like an event in Las Vegas only heightens the triteness.

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  1. There seems to be a plan cooked up by the DNC to throw every candidate into the pool and see who sinks. What’s happening is that they’re all grabbing onto each other and trying to shove a rival’s head under the water. This isn’t going after Trump, it’s a circular firing squad and someone should tell Tom Perez to pull the plug. Speaking of mixed metaphors. It was a bad idea from the start.

  2. The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the ESPN/WWE opening each night. And most of the questioners were looking for heat, not light. Conflict is drama. Policy is boring. It’s a commercial network looking for keeping eyes on the screen.

    OK, on the other hand if PBS did it they would have questioners like the always bland and boring Judy Woodruff and even I would be kind of bored. I don’t understand why this stuff is on a commercial network. It’s public affairs. It should be over the air and online, and the profit motive should not be involved.

    Remember last time for the actual presidential debate they didn’t ask about climate change, if I remember correctly. Inslee is right. It’s THE issue.

    Anyway the formula narrows the field so besides the bullshit opening things should get better.

    • On the NYC NPR station a couple of callers were bitching about not having cable so not seeing it. One said they listened (on NPR?). I did what seemed to be the obvious thing and checked They streamed the debate online with no subscription or cnn provider etc. required.

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