Friday, August 23, 2019

Happy Friday

I set Mom up with a new bird feeder on her balcony so she can see them from the bedroom and the living room. Birdfeeding is a long tradition in our family, going back to winters in Minneapolis when my grandfather fed the pheasants that would come into the back yard.  This set-up is from Wild Birds Unlimited, and the seed packet is a no-mess variety, with each piece 100% edible.  Enjoy, Mom.

One bark on “Happy Friday

  1. One of the reasons I finally talked my family into a “no more presents” rule was that – in addition to the eight pairs of binoculars, three spotting scopes, piles of “how to use herbs” books, and odd kitchen gadgets – I ended up with 24 bird feeders. They are all up in various trees around the yards…..

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