Thursday, August 29, 2019

Worn Down But Not Out

Yeah, I’m technically on vacation so that’s one reason why I haven’t been posting a lot here.  That will end after Labor Day.  But one of the other reasons is that I have been getting tired of having to wake up and see what kind of gross stupidity Trump did overnight.

Frank Bruni agrees with me and I agree with him.

Trump’s presidency has baffled me, enraged me and above all saddened me, because I’m a stubborn believer in America’s promise, which he mocks and imperils.

But last week his presidency did something to me that it hadn’t done before. It absolutely flattened me.

I woke up Saturday, made my coffee, shuffled to my computer, started to glance at the news and suddenly had to stop. I couldn’t go on. Trump had yet again said something untrue, once more suggested something absurd, contradicted himself, deified himself, claimed martyrdom, blamed Barack Obama, made his billionth threat and hurled his trillionth insult.

That was all clear from the headlines, which were as much as I could take. He had commandeered too many of my thoughts, run roughshod over too many of my emotions, made me question too many articles of faith.

I don’t know about articles of faith, but what bothers me the most is the number of Americans who somehow rationalize the behavior because it’s coming from a mouth that is speaking what their id has harbored but dare not speak aloud; giving vent to prejudices and secret hatreds and hurts that they have dared not share because they knew it was wrong.

The job then is to not waste time chronicling the exploding number of lies and prejudices that Trump spouts but to keep trying to win back the reins and even convince the True Believers that they’ve been mislead and conned.  That’s done delicately; no one likes to be told they’ve been a sap.  So from now on, let’s spend more time building up the new rational voices, support the resistance, and provide hope for the future.  It doesn’t have to be the way it is now.