Friday, September 13, 2019

Debate Aftermath

I still listen to my record player, you young whippersnappers.

My take is that Julian Castro’s fifteen minutes are up, and Andrew Yang can now hang out with all his doctor friends or explore a career as the next host of “The Price is Right.” Mayor Pete got in some great points, and Bernie’s somewhat bug-eyed rants took on the stuff of caricature.  I thought Elizabeth Warren had a good night; so did Cory Booker, and I think Beto O’Rourke at least got the attention of the NRA.

Other than that, what did you think of Dems 3.0?

2 barks and woofs on “Debate Aftermath

  1. Following my usual practice, I turned off the television, went to bed and read a good cop story on my Kindle, head against my pillows and one propped on my knee to hold the “book”. I refuse to watch the made-for-teevee shows of debate. I learned this way back when W was debating Obama or, worse, when Hillary was trying to keep Trump from goosing her as she tried to answer the moderator’s question. I hated the dinner table debates when my kids were pinching each other away from the eyes of their father. Debates give me acid indigestion. I’m sure they confirm most voters’ predetermined preferences anyway.

  2. Bernie did what he has been doing every minute for god only knows how long, except with a gargly sounding voice. Maybe if he didn’t have to shout all the time he could have avoided making this unpleasant sound, but he didn’t. I think he’s on his way down. There’s several other choices who support more or less the same stuff, but without so much threat of economic collapse due to the imposition of the New World Revolutionary Order. Everyone agrees that Beto, Warren, and Harris did themselves favors. And Booker, but he seems like a less likely President Guy. Mayor Pete has a great story and its a major positive that this gay married guy is there, but I never remember anything he says after thinking “that’s really smart” while he’s saying it.

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