Saturday, September 21, 2019

Random Youtubery

A friend is picking up his new car today, so here’s a look back at what he could have bought back when cars were styled.  Oh, and now you know how Tom Bosley made a living before “Fiorello!” and “Happy Days.”

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  1. 1950’s salespersonship. The 1956 Studebaker was a heavily face lifted version of the new 1953 models. Studebakers were made in the least efficient factory in the industry and financial troubles shared with the other independents meant they were behind technically in most ways by then. The basic body and interior were obviously several inches narrower than the competition. A few years later the same basic narrow body was chopped back front and rear and facelifted into a compact car and renamed the Lark.

    Today basic designs run about six years, generally with only minor restyling along the way. This was not the situation in the 1950’s. The US was car obsessed and cars at least appeared to be all new (sometimes deep down they weren’t) every two or three years and looked very different every year.

    Studebaker was pretending to be something it wasn’t and most people saw through it.

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