Monday, September 16, 2019

Save Your Pixels

No, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is not going to be impeached despite the reporting in the New York Times that brings forward more evidence and corroboration that he was a drunken horn-dog in college.

Josh Marshall is pushing the idea that the Democrats could nail him on perjury when he testified last year before the Senate.

Removing someone from the Supreme Court is extremely difficult. You need the same 2/3rds majority as you do to remove a president. But it’s crystal clear that Kavanaugh repeatedly perjured himself to get on the court. The incidents may have happened decades ago but the perjury was only last year.

I know that several Democratic candidates are calling for his removal, but if they couldn’t get rid of him during the original hearings after the testimony of Christine Ford and others, then it’s not going to happen.

And please, Democrats, stop e-mailing me for money to support your campaign along with this quixotic goal, which seems to be the only reason you’re calling for it in the first place.

2 barks and woofs on “Save Your Pixels

  1. I once wrote in the comment section of one of the Democrat’s survey/funding appeal that it would be nice to have just a survey so I could at least pretend they were interested in my opinion and not my money. I haven’t heard back yet.

  2. We now have two sex offenders sitting on the Supreme Court; sitting in judgment of the rest of us. That ratio seems about right in light of the person in the Oval office.

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