Friday, October 4, 2019

David’s Imaginary Friend

I read David Brooks so you don’t have to.

His column today is an imagined conversation between Urban Guy and Flyover Man, two stereotypes of different attitudes and beliefs about Trump and his efforts to lay waste to the Constitution and grab all the pussy he can on the way.

It all comes down to Flyover Man not caring if Trump tears up the rule of law as long as he, FM, gets something in return, even if it’s illusory or at the cost of someone else’s freedom or the rule of law.  “I got mine, fuck you.”  Urban Guy (probably the only time David Brooks has ever been referred to as a “guy”) is a leftie who is in furrowed-brow mode because the country is going to hell in a MAGA hat* and he doesn’t care.  As if he really cared before.

The moral of the story is “don’t waste your time arguing with an idiot.”  It’s a lesson seemingly lost on Mr. Brooks, but I will take it to heart.  Where’s the crossword?

*Thanks, Bob.