Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Debate Rap

I made it through the first hour and a half of last night’s Democratic candidates’ debate, which was more like an antic version of the lightning round of “Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me” without the bell and the final gong.  Whoever dreamed up this format was counting on a high Red Bull consumption quotient on the part of the candidates.

As I noted on Facebook, Bernie Sanders killed it with his impersonation of Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but I will give him credit for being back in full cranky mode two weeks after having a heart attack.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg was calm and on point, Sen. Elizabeth Warren withstood being attacked for being the current front runner as well as she could, and Joe Biden, after weeks of being hammered by Trump as the current target of misdirection for his own crimes, didn’t seem a whole lot different than the previous debates, which is to say, stumbling over his answers as he tried to be the adult in the room.

I went to bed before it was over so I missed the final question that asked the candidates how they felt about Ellen DeGeneres being friends with George W. Bush.  Good thing, because I would have thrown something at the TV and scared the cat.  At a time with a White House being turned into the headquarters of the most corrupt enterprise since the end of Prohibition, with sea levels lapping at the foundations of Miami Beach, with mass killings turning shopping malls and schools into armed camps, the finale on this debate was something out of a truth-or-dare session from summer camp?  Who needs SNL when you have inanities like that?

We still have another year of this.  Giant meteor, anyone?

One bark on “Debate Rap

  1. See? I told you to turn to Law & Order or read a book rather than watching this stupid stupid attempt by the media to put on a show of “democracy in action”. Nothing was gained, no one’s mind has been changed and according to this morning’s review on MSNBC and CNN it only showed Elizabeth Warren being rude to Joe and Joe acting pretty helpless in the face of her response to his attempt to show his support of her time in the Senate, like a gentleman would. . . . “I supported your bill to give accountability to purchasers” . . . her answer “I was grateful for Obama’s support”. Zing. She’s a bitch and I fear for the republic if she ends up our candidate to take on Trump.

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