Monday, October 28, 2019

Spare Us The Gruesome Details

Trump seemed to relish in telling the world how he alone caught and killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

At a special Sunday morning press conference in Washington D.C., Trump described the way U.S. Special Operations Forces attacked Baghdadi’s compound and killed him in such graphic and explicit detail that some intelligence professionals worried he may have revealed, again, too much about sources and methods.

But Trump knows great television when he sees it, and he was enthusiastic about the images he was watching from the White House situation room Saturday night. “It was absolutely perfect, as though you were watching a movie,” he said.

That may have the makings of a trailer for the inevitable movie that will be made of this operation, but there are some things that are off and off-putting.

First, the graphic descriptions trivializes the background work that the professionals put into it, making it more like Halo night than a military mission.

Second, as noted, his overkill, so to speak, and his inclination to put out pictures and details may reveal too much to those watching and who may reverse-engineer the operation.

Lastly, it’s just wrong to glorify this kind of operation.  America should not dance on the graves of its adversaries.  The Special Operations Forces certainly don’t want that kind of exposure, and this kind of spectacle is more in line with something a narcissistic dictator would pull off, puffing out his paunch to prove to the world he’s a badass when in reality it’s telling us he’s an insecure bully, clinging to power by sheer fear of being called out.  He made it clear that while Obama may have been in charge when they got Osama bin Laden, he was going to out-do him, not because Baghdadi represented a threat to the world but because he just had to score a point in his feverish quest to put down Barack Obama.

Oh, and telling the Russians that the operation was underway before notifying Congress tells the world who he really reports to.

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  1. I was really discouraged by the breathless, credulous coverage on network TV news last night. The “dramatic photo” of the situation room – didn’t anyone notice that no one knows where to look and that none of the computer cables are connected? I’m not an expert but I doubt wi-fi is used in a secure facility.

    • This TV obsessed President had to have a photo op that outdid the one taken in the situation room when Obama and Clinton and the others were watching the raid on the safe house hiding Bin Laden. And he bragged about it for 40 minutes. Obama took six to announce to the public that the raid was a success . . . with no mention of his involvement at all. If the troops had been pulled out as Trump had directed the raid wouldn’t have happened at all. It was rushed under the circumstances to complete it before the Special Operations units were back home as commanded by the Stupid In Chief.

  2. The famous Obama and crew photo was of people watching the mission in real time. Up to a certain point Obama probably could have decided to stop it if that seemed warranted and experts in the room concurred. Trump was golfing when the mission happened, and probably didn’t know that much about it. The photo was of him in the middle of some generals, posed two hours later.

    “He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.” Obviously totally made up. Was the guy wearing a mic?

    “He died like a dog. He died like a coward.” How do dogs die? Mine died with dignity and love.

    The whole rest of Trump’s statement was just as disgusting.

  3. Now that I’ve seen some of the coverage….could one of our esteemed reporters please ask how they were able to complete a DNA test that fast and where they got an original sample of BagDaddy’s DNA for comparison?

  4. If something like this happened to Tom Perez, would it be more or less difficult to replace him if all of the gory details were put out there for the world to see?

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