Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday

I’m all in favor of capitalism and patronizing local businesses, so if spending money for Christmas is what you want to do, go forth, drive carefully, bundle up if it’s cold, and remember where you parked.

Photo by Cris Faga/REX/Shutterstock

Me, I’m staying home, doing some writing and reflection, and enjoying a four-day weekend.

2 barks and woofs on “Black Friday

  1. Partner and I would rather spend the money on a trip; not much of my family is in contact with me, but for those who are, we realized a few years back that gift giving was becoming futile and stopped. I will be enjoying a turkey sandwich by the wood stove today.

  2. That picture is so depressing. What are those people thinking? What’s the matter with us that we absolutely positively have to have, MUST have that big screen teevee? If this is capitalism at it’s finest you can keep it. This picture alone makes me want to send money to the Socialist Party, if there still is one in the USA.

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