Monday, November 4, 2019

One Year Out

A year from today, November 4, 2020, we’ll be waking up in a different world.  It will be the morning after the general election, and since we haven’t perfected time travel, I can’t say with any certainty whether it will be A) wonderful news or B) making plans to either make tracks (“Retire to the Caribbean” will get a lot of serious hits) or bracing ourselves for another term in the thrall of rank and venal narcissistic right-wing nutsery.

To make sure Plan A happens, we have to do everything we can to ensure that someone else is elected, someone who will oppose with every vote, every fiber of their being, the policies and hate of the current occupant and his sniveling minions.  I’m not talking about just into the presidency but into every other elected office, from county commissioner to Senate, and if they cannot say that they oppose what that alleged human being is doing, then find someone who does.

How?  There are a lot of ways, from donating money to donating time at the local office; to writing letters to the editor and making your voice heard through whatever means is at your disposal.  The How is important, but more importantly is the Why.

I’ve been through a lot of elections where we’ve heard “this is the most important election in history.”  Usually that means it’s the most important election to the person saying it because if they lose, they have to go back to doing whatever it was before they ran.  But this time I really believe it.  I believe that if we allow the current occupant to remain in power, the country and the world will be worse off in so many ways that we can only jolt awake from: climate change, wars, immigration, reproductive rights, gender equality, privacy, racial relations, healthcare, corporate corruption, taxes, the economy, child care, education, the rule of law; all of those plus a plethora of concerns that confront us now will be magnified exponentially if left unchecked.  Impeachment and conviction is one way, but it’s not a guarantee — there are too many people with too many selfish and fearful motives who can stop that process — leaving a resounding 50-state repudiation at every level of government the truest and most vocal way to bring it to a swift and merciless end.

I have my own plans for helping to make sure Plan A happens, including continuing to speak out here and using some of my semi-retirement to work locally in order to change globally.  As for you, you will find your way, too.  And find it we must.

One bark on “One Year Out

  1. We have a problem, though. Too many candidates with too little charisma compared to the TV celebrity in Chief. I watched an interview of my fav – Mayor Pete – and although he’s beautifully articulate he seemed “small” to me. One thing Trump has going for him is sheer physical size even as his mouth runs off and his character is truly disgusting. Bernie is too old both in appearance and ideas and Biden comes the closest to looking like a contender when he can remember his lines. I wish I could get behind any of the women running but as much as I’ve tried I don’t see any of them behind the Salute desk. I fear for our future unless we can kick both Trump and vice-Trump out and let Nancy run the country.

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