Thursday, November 7, 2019

Preview Of Coming Distractions

The Kentucky governor race was close, so of course the losers are raising a stink.

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers threw another wrench into the state’s razor-thin gubernatorial outcome late Tuesday night, saying that the legislature could decide the race.

Stivers’ comments came shortly after Gov. Matt Bevin refused to concede to Attorney General Andy Beshear, who led by roughly 5,100 votes when all the precincts were counted.

“There’s less than one-half of 1%, as I understand, separating the governor and the attorney general,” Stivers said. “We will follow the letter of the law and what various processes determine.”

Stivers, R-Manchester, said based on his staff’s research, the decision could come before the Republican-controlled state legislature.

Under state law, Bevin has 30 days to formally contest the outcome once it is certified by the State Board of Elections. Candidates typically ask for a re-canvass of voting machines and a recount first.

The last contested governor’s race was the 1899 election of Democrat William Goebel.

I fully expect to see stories like this all across the country a year from now if Trump loses by anything but a landslide, and if you thought Bush v. Gore in 2000 was disruptive, disheartening, and basically third-world tin-pot-despot kind of result, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  Plus it’s going to cost a ton of taxpayers’ money to prove that yes, the vote count was right and YOU LOST.

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