Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Live Feed To The Foregone Conclusion

The House will vote sometime today to impeach Trump.  It will be very solemn, as it should be, and then turn it over to the Senate where we already know the fix is in.  I’m sure that there will be live coverage with lots of analysis and anecdotes about history and trivia.

At the moment I’m watching the gang on Morning Joe vamp until the coverage begins (interspersed with Christmas commercials) led by the sugared-up Chris Matthews, and they’re all saying that no Republicans are standing up to Trump.  And that’s news?

I get the historical meaning of it.  Twenty-one years ago the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a blow job, and the roles were reversed: the Democrats saying it was a witch hunt and there was nothing to impeach him for.  We’re getting the same noise now from the Republicans.  We’re being told that this will forever mar the presidency* of Trump.  Um, even more than separating families at the border by force for seeking asylum?  For mocking and denigrating entire communities such as Muslims, the disabled, and Others?  For trashing the economy to benefit himself and his alleged friends?  Trust me, this interregnum has already been marred, tarred, and feathered.  The fact that he will have some sense of vindication the same way a dictator feels when he wins 99.9% of the vote in an “election” is just part of the show.

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