Friday, December 6, 2019

Your Vote Counts

Passing this on from a friend:

“Can’t Live Without You,” written by Philip Middleton Williams and which was produced earlier this year by The Playgroup LLC at the Willow Theatre, has been nominated for Best Play, Best Director: Jerry Jensen, Best actor: Robert Ayala, and Best Ensemble: AJ Ruiz, Robert Ayala, Carla Zackson Heller, Leslie Zivin Kandel and Anthony Wolff for the Broadway World 2019 Regional Awards. Please show your support and vote now!

Anyone can vote from anywhere. However, follow the instructions carefully; you can only vote once, and you must confirm your vote when the e-mail from Broadway World arrives, so check your spam filter just in case.


2 barks and woofs on “Your Vote Counts

  1. I want to vote, but when I try I get a notice to remove my ad blocker OR ELSE! I’m reluctant to do that so I’m stuck. Can you put in a vote for me and hope no one notices you’re not really me?

    • I’d have to have your e-mail address on my account because they send an email with a link that must be clicked to confirm the vote. You would only be removing the Ad Block for that one site, not all of them.

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