Monday, January 6, 2020

An Inclined Plane Wrapped Around A Cylinder

I go away for a couple of weeks and wow….

So give me a little time to get my desk cleared off after all my travels and basically ignoring — or at least not sharing much — of what I’m seeing.  But the gist of what is in the papers and what I understand to be respectable insight from people who should know, is that Trump has made the Middle East, already the most trigger-happy and volatile place on the planet and that already hated the West and specifically us, into an even more dangerous place.  It’s like he loaded up a tanker plane with ten thousand gallons of jet fuel and dropped it on the Australian outback.

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 or the shooting down of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto during the height of World War II don’t apply here in terms of actual comparison, but the reason they come to mind is that in the first instance, no one had any idea that the murder of an Austro-Hungarian royal would lead to two world wars, and in the second, the war crime of hunting down and killing a military leader can be justified as one way to demoralize the enemy.  Add to that the simple fact that Trump cannot see beyond the end of his election campaign and has yet to come up with an idea of how to formulate a strategy to bring stability and calm to a region that has been in turmoil since the Romans decided to pay a visit to the pyramids.

Oh, and Australia is turning into a cinder.

What it comes down to is the answer to the question posed by Dr. Leonard Hofsteder: What would you be if you were an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder?  Screwed.

Nice to be back.