Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Drunk Driver On An Icy Road

Read this twitter thread from Reza Marashi, an American foreign affairs expert based in Washington, D.C. about the Iran/Iraq situation.

This one jumped out at me: “All Trump cares about is shitting on Obama’s legacy, sucking up to donors, and distracting from impeachment.  None of this is about American interests or security.  He’s surrounded by ideological lunatic sycophants like Pence and Pompeo.  But they’re far from the only ones.”

This will not end well.

One bark on “Drunk Driver On An Icy Road

  1. Iranians threaten to respond in kind and take out one of our own, reminding us that American troops are well within their reach. I have a suggestion for them as to which great leader they could target. They’d be doing us a favor, though and perhaps that’s not what they have in mind.

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