Friday, January 10, 2020

2 barks and woofs on “Happy Friday

  1. I just looked at photos of some previous Miami Art Deco Weekends. Very few of the cars displayed have anything to do with Art Deco, though. Love the Imperials.

    Your intermediate size Pontiac 6000 is nice though. I see it’s appeared before. The fake wood is what does it, the metallic blue is very nice, and it’s probably actually pretty practical for a lot of uses. My recently (2 years) deceased Trans Sport was probably the same color, sans fake wood. And also pretty practical for a lot of uses.

    • Thank you. Finding cars from the Art Deco era — and owners who will allow them to be displayed in public without barriers — is getting harder every year. The folks at the ADW know this, but they do help draw the crowds.