Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Open And Shut

The Senate trial of Trump will be a show trial of the likes of North Korea without the blaring music and TV broadcasters in native garb.  Other than that, the fix is in and over and out.

Adam L. Silverman at Balloon Juice has a detailed explainer of why it’s a pipe dream to think that there will be any Republicans with intact vertebrae and who will vote either to allow witness testimony or vote to convict.  They are, as they say, like bacon: fried, dried, and laid to the side.  And other than the few people who read this blog and others like this, the vast majority of Americans aren’t paying attention and don’t really care about the outcome.  Mitch McConnell knows that; he’s counting on it, and he’s very sure that next November the folks back home in Kentucky will re-elect him even if Trump is ground to ash.

Senator McConnell knows, because he has been doing it successfully since January 2009, that the majority of Americans do not care about process, if they even understand it. And that the vast majority of Americans aren’t political junkies either. So if he just does what he’s going to do, give his regular more in sadness than in anger remarks, and is boring, then the news media will move along to whichever shiny object catches their attention. This is how he stymied President Obama for eight years. This is how he brought the Republicans back into the majority in the Senate. This is how he stole a Supreme Court seat. This is how he stole over 150 Federal judgeships. And this is how he was able to place Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.


If you are counting on Senators Romney, Murkowski, Alexander, and/or Collins to do what Senators Corker and Flake did not in 2018, please email me about the great bridge I have to sell you on a lovely beachfront in Florida. The Senate runs according to McConnell’s rules and Senator McConnell’s only rule is doing whatever he can get away with to maintain power to achieve his objectives. That’s it. Expecting anything else to happen is self delusion.

Now, America, go out there and make your Super Bowl bets.