Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Catching Up

I had a nice long weekend.  I caught up on films — “Parasite,” “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” “The Favourite,” “Knives Out” — saw a Cirque de Soleil Alegria performance (the first time I’ve seen a circus in a tent), wrote a ten-minute play, and basically ignored politics and the major media except the crossword puzzles.

In doing so I missed hearing Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas put forward the theory that the corona virus was a Chinese plot because it originated in China; that Trump wowed the crowd at a rained-out Daytona 500 and his press office put out a picture from 2004 of Air Force One photobombing the bleachers; that topless anti-dairy industry protestors took over a Bernie rally in Vegas; that all that kerfuffle about Bill Barr slapping down Trump for tweeting was all staged so he could sound independent even if he didn’t clear it with Fox News.  But the peacocks in my neighborhood are in raging heat.  That I did hear.

What’s next?

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  1. Actually you have seen a circus in a tent, but you were about three years old at the time. Ringling Brothers came through St.Louis back in the day and your father and I took you and the two other siblings that were alive at the time, before your youngest brother was born or maybe I was pregnant with him at the time. The circus used the St. Louis arena and the elephants were hobbled to the ground outside chewing the hay that lay there. Pretty exciting for all of us. Ringling is now gone, I think, but nothing will ever compare. I remember gasping in awe and fright at the acrobats throwing each other back and forth as they swung high up under the ceiling. The arena is where we saw the one-time St.Louis pro basketball being played when they existed then and also was converted to ice hockey now long gone.

    • Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember going to some big event in a place where I was startled by popping balloons and the crowd noises. I definitely remember going to see the circus at the Toledo Sports Arena, the site of many events including seeing my first boxing match (Skeeter McClure), a Peter, Paul and Mary concert, and many hockey games and early-morning pee-wee hockey practices.

  2. To clarify, but please check it out: the tent/s were thrown up on an empty city lot – maybe a couple of them – and hauled away in the circus train when they were no longer needed. The arena was later built in the space where once the temporary facilities were gone.
    And I was wrong about the hockey etc. – the St. Louis Blues are not a bad team. The best basketball is still played by St.Louis University and its high school.

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