Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Talk About Bravery

This is an amazing kid.  And an amazing moment in America. Just try to get through it without tears in your eyes.

This could not have happened in 1961, when I was nine and already aware of the fact that I was not like other kids. It couldn’t have happened in 1971, either, or 1981 or 1991 or even 2001 when we thought we were oh so enlightened and “civil unions” were being talked about as more than just idle chit-chat. If nothing else, Pete Buttigieg has done more for us — and I mean all of us; gay, straight, or across the array — than any other candidate in my memory by adding one more element to the American dream and that we all have a place here.  Thank you, Pete, and thank you, Zachary.

One bark on “Talk About Bravery

  1. OK, great.

    But Buttigieg made it into a sort of generic liberal moment. There was so much he could have said about the difference between 30 years ago when he was that age and 30 years before that. And the pioneering gay people from the Mattachine Society to Harvey Milk and Obama with ending DADT (which was a compromise by Bill Clinton who wanted what we have now but backed down) or whatever he could have talked about.

    There’s probably a lot about gay history in the US that Pete doesn’t know about. But he does know about when he first realized he was attracted to men (probably before the age of this kid) and why he suppressed or walled off those feelings. He could have brought up Dan Savage’s It Gets Better stuff.

    So OK, but really a missed opportunity by the always very careful to be mainstream liberal guy Mayor Pete.

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