Friday, March 13, 2020

Happy Friday

No, really.  Despite all of the concern, much of it genuine, about spreading the corona virus and warnings/reassurances from every entity — from hotels to supermarkets — don’t let the New Now make you sick, either literally or figuratively.  Social distancing and good health doesn’t mean that we have to let it depress us.  That’s when it becomes a vicious cycle.

Yes, for the next two to six weeks, our lives are going to be different and changes will be made.  Trips to visit family are being cancelled.  Sporting events and car shows are being postponed.  Baseball is on hold, and Opening Day may be in May.  But while there’s bad news on the economic front and people who are healthy are losing their livelihood, hopefully only temporarily, they are finding support and solace by their community coming together, if not literally, to support them.  For instance, the Dramatists Guild is supporting playwrights who are in need of short-term assistance, and Broadway theatres are asking ticket-holders to consider donating the cost of admission to support non-profit groups who have to cancel their runs.  We really do look out for each other.

Be smart, be aware, wash your hands, work from home if you can.  And look out for yourself and each other.