Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Look At The Whole Board

It looks like former vice president Joe Biden did very well yesterday in the Super Tuesday primaries.

Joe Biden powered to a dominating sweep of the South and surprisingly strong showings in New England and the Upper Midwest on Tuesday night, as he sought to seize control of the Democratic presidential race and overtake Sen. Bernie Sanders as the delegate leader.

Sanders was holding on to a lead in California, the state with the biggest delegate haul of the Super Tuesday primaries, as votes were slowly counted there. But Biden’s victories in Texas and eight other states threatened to at minimum erase the lopsided delegate advantage Sanders hoped to gain from the day’s voting. The results set up a more vigorous fight ahead that presents the party with divergent choices, between a pragmatist vowing a return to normalcy and a populist promising a revolution.

It’s far from over; there will be another round of primaries, including Florida, on March 17.  There will be more winnowing as the remaining candidates look to their realities and realize that going forward will only embarrass themselves and risk their political future in their current position or the possibilities they may have in a Democratic administration.  By Memorial Day we should have a very clear idea who the Democratic nominee will be.  That’s when the fun begins.

John Cole beat me to it:

[…] for all intents and purposes, this is now a two person race. Ignore the people who say the race was stolen or is rigged or any crap like that. They’re idiots and just sore their guy or gal lost. What happened today was that people lined up in record numbers and voted. And that will keep happening for another couple months until we have a winner. So if you are in a state that has not yet voted, just keep on keeping on and when it is your turn, if you like Bernie, vote for Bernie. If you like Biden, vote for Biden.

The over-looming issue isn’t really between Biden and Bernie as much as it is unifying behind someone who can beat the existential threat that is currently occupying the Oval Office.  That is the most important thing, and all the inside politics of the party’s match between divergent choices pales in comparison to what this country will look like with another four years of Trump.  The Supreme Court is going to hear a case this fall that could determine the fate of Obamacare in its entirety, followed by Roe v. Wade with a side order of marriage equality just to round out the menu.  We have a possible pandemic growing around the world and the effort to control it is being led by Mike Pence, who seems to think that appeals to a fictional deity will end it the same way a six-year-old in his Harry Potter bathrobe thinks waving a stick will exorcise monsters out of his closet.  The oceans are rising and Australia is a cinder from brush fires, yet the White House promotes a huckster evangelist to tell us that for a small donation to her church, Jesus will consider stopping it if we all vote for Trump.  So listening to people get grumpy because their particular Democrat didn’t win a primary and say they’ll sit out the election in November is both maddening and stupefying because they really don’t give a shit beyond their own petulance and hurt feelings.

I haven’t played chess since I was in middle school, but I do remember one fundamental rule: look at the whole board.  If all you see is your next move, you will lose.