Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Primary Day

In spite of the coronavirus shutdowns and lockouts, the Florida primary election is going forth.  I have seen scant election junk mail about it, and less on TV.  I couldn’t tell you who’s running in the local races because there aren’t any in my precinct that I’m aware of.  But I’m going to vote; I haven’t missed a primary since I started voting in 1972.

I went to work yesterday, and I’ll be going back today and probably tomorrow; time, tide, and paperwork wait for no one.  Our students have been given laptops and distance-teaching is going on.  So far the general atmosphere at work and other places I’ve been such as Starbucks, which is limiting itself to to-go orders, has been one of acceptance and accommodation: “Hey, we’re all in this together, thanks for stopping by and stay safe.”

It’s also St. Patrick’s Day, but it looks like the celebrations are going to be reduced to the level of those they have in Ireland itself, where they don’t appear to make a big deal out of it no matter what the viral load is.