Saturday, March 7, 2020

Random Youtubery

The more things change…

I feel sorry for the poor guy working at a desk with a Princess phone.

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  1. I didn’t see any Princesses there. Actually they kind of had a pretty good idea of the direction things would go, just not how. This is more of a corporate propaganda film, but Bell did educational science films for classroom use that were way ahead of their time in educational techniques and very solid scientifically. My brain still employs the concepts of single cell to multicell all the way to animals and humans evolution from one!

    For you whippersnappers Bell labs was connected to AT&T or Ma Bell, a government licensed monopoly, so they had a guaranteed revenue stream to fund their research. Pretty much…..SOCIALISM!

    • At 3:18 when the lights come up on stage, the guy at the desk downstage right (lower left from the audience view) has a Princess on the left side of his desk. It’s light blue. “It’s little, it’s lovely, it lights!”

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