Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thanks, Bernie

They weren’t even close.

Former vice president Joe Biden swept to decisive wins in Florida, Illinois and Arizona on Tuesday, extending his run of victories on a primary election day in which the growing national response to the coronavirus pandemic complicated voting as it threatened to disrupt future contests.

The emphatic wins raised further questions about the viability of the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). It set Biden, who began the day leading the contest by more than 100 delegates, on a clear course to a first-ballot victory at the Democratic National Convention in July barring a seismic shift in the race’s dynamics.

I think it’s time for Bernie Sanders to call it a day, concede gracefully, and focus on his job in the Senate and defeating Trump.  As it is, he’s already brought his ideas to the table, and while some of them appeal broadly to the Democrats, not just his base, it’s more about the messenger rather than the message, and the voters aren’t buying it from him.

2 barks and woofs on “Thanks, Bernie

  1. Sanders has said he’s not going to quit. Ordinarily, I would’t mind — I might even admire his determination. But given his past record in this area, I see him as a deliberate spoiler who’s increasing Trump’s chances of re-election.

    He’s not an admirable man, in that light.

  2. Agreed, unfortunately I don’t see Sanders doing anything gracefully. He has vowed to stay in it till the convention which will only straighten Trumps re-election. IF he really wanted to defeat Trump, he would work with Biden and rally his supporters to vote for Joe.

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