Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trump: Your Money Or Your Life

Via the Washington Post:

With President Trump saying he wants “the country opened” by Easter to salvage the U.S. economy, a fierce debate is now raging among policymakers over the necessity of shutting down vast swaths of American society to combat the novel coronavirus.

Health experts point to overwhelming evidence from around the world that closing businesses and schools and minimizing social contact are crucial to avoid exponentially mounting infections. Ending the shutdown now in America would be disastrous, many say, because the country has barely given those restrictions time to work, and because U.S. leaders have not pursued alternative strategies used in other countries to avert the potential deaths of hundreds of thousands.

But in recent days an increasing number of political conservatives have argued that the economic cost is too high. At a town hall broadcast Tuesday, Trump suggested dire consequences if at least some economic sectors aren’t restored.

You’re going to lose more people by putting a country into a massive recession or depression,” Trump said. “You’re going to have all sorts of things happen, you’re going to have instability. You can’t just come in and say let’s close up the United States of America, the biggest, the most successful country in the world by far.”

At the event, Trump amplified a message that has been bubbling among conservative pundits in recent days. Speaking of the economy, he said, “The faster we go back, the better it’s going to be.”

So what he’s basically saying is that it’s more important that Wall Street — located in the epicenter of the outbreak — gets rich again than have people survive and are healthy.  The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, said much the same thing: better that some old people fall off the perch so that the younger survivors can get back to work.  Or the beach.

The bottom line for Trump, of course, is to guarantee his re-election, and the longer the pandemic continues and he keeps on flailing at it, the worse it is for him.  So no wonder he wants America to return to work and that all the restrictions are eliminated.  He wants to make sure that his base can get out there and vote for him.  That’s kind of hard to do when you can’t leave your house, and it’s only in certain wards of Chicago that dead people vote.