Wednesday, May 6, 2020

No One Could Have Predicted…

Via the Washington Post:

One month ago, seven states made up 60 percent of the coronavirus cases in the country. Most of those cases were in New York, the main U.S. hotbed of the outbreak. But an additional 28 percent of cases were in California, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and New Jersey.

The good news is that the number of new cases those states have seen each day over the past month has steadily fallen. The bad news? That the number of new cases everywhere else has steadily increased.

There’s some irony to this, given how these two groups of states are responding to calls from President Trump to scale back efforts to contain the spread of the virus. States that expect to keep restrictions in place aimed at encouraging social distancing — including most of the seven states above — have seen drops in the number of new daily cases relative to a month ago. States that have already begun to scale back those measures have seen a rapid increase in daily case totals relative to one month ago.

Or, to put it simply, social distancing and shut-downs are saving lives.  Re-opening is killing people.

Trump says we have to re-open our country because “the economy” (in other words, his poll numbers) is in trouble.  Well, that’s fine to have a booming economy; we all want that.  But it seems kind of pointless if you’re dead.

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  1. Regarding this worship of “The Economy”, Tom Sullivan published a very interesting post at Hullabbaloo a bit ago that’s right on target:

    “I frequently refer to the Midas cult, those of a certain economic class who view every human interaction as a potential for-profit transaction, who behave as though anything that might be turned into gold (profit) should be, especially not-for-profit public services such as education. For the Midas cult, anything less than private percentage off the top is a crime against capitalism.”

  2. I see two things that will help bring back the economy. Current science and technology. I remember how long it took to create vaccines for polio and smallpox. Also medicare and social security which will help not only the seniors but inject a steady income into the economy.
    The irony of course is that many who are screaming to bring back the economy are the very ones who tried hard to gut if not totally do away with programs such as these.

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