Monday, June 1, 2020

“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!”

From the Washington Post:

The Trump administration on Sunday intensified its effort to pin blame on the far-left “antifa” movement for violent demonstrations over police killings of black people, as the president vowed on Twitter to designate antifa a terrorist organization and Attorney General William P. Barr asserted that it and other groups’ activities constituted “domestic terrorism.”

Trump cannot, for practical and legal reasons, formally designate Antifa a terrorist organization, and neither he nor his attorney general have made public specific evidence that the far-left movement is orchestrating the fiery protests that have erupted in dozens of U.S. cities.

He might as well wage war against the tornadoes that ravage the Midwest every spring, declare floods to be illegal immigrants, and the wind that turns the turbines a national health hazard because spinning blades cause cancer.

This is a very transparent effort to divert attention from the disgraceful way his administration has responded to the situation in Minneapolis and everywhere else that police brutality and the disproportionate way minorities are treated by law enforcement. It does provide a convenient distraction from Covid-19 pandemic and the horrific number of dead thanks to his negligence and willful ignorance and deflection.  So threatening to label “Antifa” as a terrorist organization while tacitly approving of all the right-wing nutsery militia gangs that showed up at the Michigan statehouse waving their phallic symbols and stinking of stale cigarettes and cheap beer is just his way of distracting attention from the total clusterfuck that is his alleged administration.

At least King Lear had the good sense to know when to exit.