Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Jesus-Freaking All The Way To The Bank

The Jesus-shouters have their thongs in a bunch over the Supreme Court at long last affirming that civil rights are applicable to everyone.

E.W. Jackson, a “christian” radio host, is miffed.

Neil Gorsuch has betrayed the Constitution, the American people and President Trump. He has joined the back stabbing Roberts and the degenerate leftists on the Court who are engineering sweeping social depravity and confusion through judicial tyranny.

Now every employer must accommodate some mentally ill person who thinks he’s a woman today, a man tomorrow and a combo the next? Or be sued for using common sense and protecting your business?

This is beyond disgusting. It is a declaration of war on the American people, our businesses, culture, Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values. The only hope we have is to amend the Constitution to do what we should have done early in this fight – define marriage as a union between one man and one woman in the federal Constitution.

Tony Perkins, another “christian” con artist, is in a tizzy.

Six justices, against the laws of science, history, and morality, decided to create their own Autonomous Zone — where humanity’s laws about male and female no longer apply. In the last 24 hours, people across the spectrum have scrambled to make sense of the cultural IED.

If the court decided to dramatically rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act, most experts assumed it would have been because loose cannon Chief Justice John Roberts defected — not because one of the president’s new originalists did.

To most Americans, the sellout of Neil Gorsuch, who not only voted with the liberal members on the Harris case but authored the majority opinion, will be the lingering horror. If even he can’t bring himself to agree that the word “sex” means male and female — not the Left’s wild reinterpretations of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” who will?

And, more importantly, what will it mean for privacy, pronouns, Christian schools and businesses, public housing, adoption, girls’ sports, and a basket of major issues confronting America?

Not to worry; this is the Jesus-freaks’ ticket to raise millions of dollars off their marks who think that every time Trump farts they’re hearing Lawrence Welk.  The faux outrage will last as long as the Venmo and PayPal accounts are chiming.

HT to JoeMyGod.

One bark on “Jesus-Freaking All The Way To The Bank

  1. The degree of hysteria demonstrates how serious a setback this is for the anti-gay hate groups.

    But (there’s always a “but”) don’t expect them to give up any time soon. The Court specifically did not deal with the “religious belief” issue, but I understand there are several cases on the docket that do hinge on that. And they will keep chipping away, the same strategy they’ve been following with Roe.

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