Wednesday, June 24, 2020

No Kidding

I thoroughly believe that Trump told whoever is in charge of testing for Covid-19 to slow it down so that it wouldn’t look like the numbers of cases and fatalities were spiking.  Because the more people get sick and die, the more it makes him look bad.

His press secretary said he was kidding.  Then Trump said he wasn’t, and then he said he was being sarcastic to goad the media.  Then he said something else, and at that point you just give up because it’s such pathetic bullshit.

But people are dying.  Infections are spiking in states where Trump-following governors — Texas and Florida — reopened the states too early are suddenly realizing that more people are getting sick.  It’s not the “second wave;” it’s still the first.

The loudest voice of opposition has been The Lincoln Project.  This is a group of conservative Republicans who long ago realized that Trump was leading their party to doom and have been fighting back.  They’ve produced some devastating ads; in many ways they are way ahead of the DNC.  The latest one is impressive.


People can have different definitions of what constitutes presidential authority and we’ve been arguing about whose dissent should be respected since the beginning of the republic. But I think the vast majority of the public will find this cavalier disregard for Americans lives, obvious inability to understand even the basic logic of an epidemic, his dismissal of scientific expertise and his general flailing and ineptitude may have finally opened the eyes of some people who reflexively believed that Republicans are “the grown-ups” who are naturally more competent to lead the country.

So, I think this is the line of attack that may have the most resonance. As far as I’m concerned, he is the worst president in history by every possible measure. But apparently, many people bought the Fox News hype. This pandemic response, however, hits home and I suspect quite a few of his voters may be having second thoughts.

He is responsible for more American deaths than any president in history. That’s one record he can legitimately claim.

And that’s no joke.