Thursday, July 23, 2020

Where Are They?

Via the Washington Post:

Appearing at an event with top federal law enforcement officials and the family members of crime victims, Trump delivered fiery talking points that took direct aim at those who have advocated redirecting funding from law enforcement to other endeavors. He blamed the recent increases in violence in some cities on leaders who have endorsed such steps and said he planned to increase federal law enforcement’s presence to reduce crime.

The remarks seemed likely to exacerbate tensions between his administration and local officials and residents already wary of militarized U.S. officers roving their streets. Soon after he finished speaking, Chicago’s mayor accused Trump of seeking to distract from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The NRA has steadfastly clung to their guns because they were deathly afraid of the possibility that at some point we’d have a tyrannical government rise up. Okay, ammosexuals, here’s your chance. Go on, take to the streets!