Monday, August 31, 2020

That’s Insane

From the Washington Post:

Trump on Sunday amplified his call for federal forces to help subdue protests in American cities, denouncing local Democratic leaders and fanning partisan tensions a day after a deadly clash between his supporters and social justice protesters in Portland, Ore., underscored the threat of rising politically motivated violence.

Scenes of Trump faithful firing paint and pellet guns at protesters during a “Trump cruise rally” caravan through downtown Portland — a liberal bastion that has been the site of weeks of street demonstrations — raised the specter that the nation’s summer of unrest had entered a new phase in which the president’s backers are rallying to defend businesses and fight back against Black Lives Matter and other groups he has labeled “anarchists” and “terrorists.”

One man, thought to be a member of a pro-Trump group, was shot and killed Saturday night during the Portland unrest.

In tweeting a video of the caravan on the move, Trump called the participants “GREAT PATRIOTS!” The reaction marked a sharp contrast to his silence during a large and peaceful civil rights march on Friday in Washington that drew thousands to the Mall, where some speakers denounced his leadership.

This is after he went on a Tweet-rant Sunday morning — and we’re talking before sunrise — where he sounded more like a raving lunatic than someone in the position to blow up the world.

Trump on Sunday morning posted or reposted a barrage of tweets about the clashes in Portland, with many of them assailing the city’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler. The president retweeted a video showing his supporters shooting paintballs and using pepper spray on crowds in Portland before the fatal shooting. Mr. Trump wrote that “the big backlash going on in Portland cannot be unexpected,” a remarkable instance of a president seeming to support confrontation rather than calming a volatile situation.

Any rational person, regardless of political affiliation, would do whatever it takes to stop the violence and the killing. Not Trump; he’s actually working actively to make it worse and using the baffling argument that in order to make things better in America, keep the people in power who caused this situation in the first place.

One can speculate as to why, to quote Tennessee Williams, he chose this particular moment to lose his mind, assuming he was rational in the first place. Bad ratings from the convention? Sinking poll numbers in battleground states? Too much mustard on his Whopper? But trying to figure out why is a waste of time. That would require rational thinking of irrational acts, and it doesn’t work that way.

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