Friday, August 14, 2020

The Quiet Part Out Loud

Trump couldn’t keep his id thoughts to himself even if he wanted to. Jack Holmes in Esquire:

Even at a time when the biggest rock star of his generation is engaged in an out-in-the-open campaign to ratfuck an election for the benefit of a reactionary incumbent, and even in a week where the vice president is touting the jobs numbers during an economic cataclysm, this newest one qualifies as truly shameless. Time was that folks thought it best to do their election rigging in secret, or at least come up with some phony justification like preventing (virtually non-existent) voter fraud. But Donald Trump, American president, has dispensed even with that kind of talk, and simply declared his intent to meddle with free and fair elections in this country. It’s not unlike his grifting strategy, which is to do the corruption out in the open so that people might think it’s above-board.

In short, the president has said, out loud and on national television, that he intends to destroy the United States Postal Service in an attempt to stop people from voting safely during a pandemic. He seemed quite happy to admit this to Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business, one of the putative news anchors—along with the Fox & Friends geniuses—who occasionally serve as his therapist. He gave away the game on his Postal Service fuckery Thursday like there was some sort of broadcaster-patient confidentiality in place.

“Now they need that money in order to make the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots…But if they don’t get those two items that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting…”

This is just incredible, even if it’s been clear for some time that Trump is willing to dismantle the Postal Service—harming American citizens and American businesses—for his personal political gain. As a Republican in the modern era, the president is well aware that his political survival is tied to keeping turnout down. The post office is just the latest piece in the party’s larger campaign of voter suppression, which ranges from unnecessary voter-ID laws to just straight-up closing polling places. There is no evidence voter fraud is a major risk with mail-in voting—Oregon has operated without much incident since 1998—but Trump doesn’t even really lean on that lie anymore. He just out and says that he’s trying to stop people voting.

To drive home the point, his chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow—a TV personality whose track record of being spectacularly wrong about the state of the economy is impressive in its own right—did an interview of his own this morning in which he cast “voting rights” as an issue for “really liberal left wishlists.”

The quiet part is extremely loud. This is where we are. Because it has decided over the last decade that it will not attempt to broaden its appeal to span a majority of the electorate, one of the two major political parties our system allows has now declared itself in open opposition to voting rights. The Republican Party’s record has been clear for going on a decade: stop people who don’t vote Republican from voting at all. Now they’re just telling you straight up. The United States has never been a full democracy, but in the Year of Our Lord 2020, the Party of Lincoln is working overtime—and publicly debasing itself—to make that problem worse, not better. Just another national disgrace.

Richard Nixon did all of his skulduggery and corruption behind closed doors and denied it all to the end of his days. But Trump does it out loud, based either on the idea that what Nixon did wrong was to keep it quiet, or he’s rightly thinking that the nation has become so inured to his fuckery that it’s no big deal that he’s openly advocating screwing over the election. “So what else is new?” And I’m sure there are those who, if President Obama had come up with this crap would have lynched him that afternoon, shrug or even approve of it because letting everybody have the right to vote is a liberal conspiracy. (And don’t get me started on the Covid-19 deniers. Please.)

At least when it’s all over, no one left alive will be able to say he didn’t warn us. Out loud.

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  1. Kanye may be a “rock star” but he’s definitely not a rock star. Does everyone know that although his fake campaign is not supposed to be colluding with another campaign, not only are all the lawyers etc. involved right wing Republican party people, but he met with Ivanka, Jared, and an unnamed White House official in Colorado. Somehow despite Twitter posting multiple daily pictures of herself at some event, pictures of herself with Jared, pictures of herself with the whole family, and pictures of herself with her kids she somehow missed posting a photo of her and Jared with Kanye.

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