Monday, August 17, 2020


The Democratic National Convention gets underway today but it won’t be like the ones we’ve become accustomed to not watching in the past with the milling crowds on the floor of some convention center and long speeches by people you’ve never heard of but are told are rising stars in the party.  This will be all on Zoom and will feature a lot of music and acts geared toward a video-geared audience.  (Not to be outdone, Trump and his minions are planning commercial counter-programming.)

If you’re so inclined, here, via Balloon Juice, are some links by which you can watch the fun.

Simplified Convention Schedule
Official DNC Schedule
Official Convention Stream
YouTube (with Trump ads)
Crooked Media Includes Pre-Show

How to Watch (scroll for instructions): TV, Phones, Apple TV, Fire, Roku, Prime

As for me, I plan to watch Kamala Harris and Joe Biden give their speeches, but that’s about it.

Nostalgia time:  Twenty years ago this week my parents and I sat outside the Romeo and Juliet Motel in Stratford, Ontario, and listened to Al Gore accept the Democratic nomination.  We had to sit in the car and pick it up via radio because the CBC wasn’t running it.  Little did we know…