Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Change Is Gonna Come

My nearly-twelve-year-old Toshiba laptop is about to retire, and the new kid that will be taking its place will be here soon.  I expect to begin the changeover sometime today and it will take a while for everything to be moved, so I’ve pre-posted tonight’s “A Little Night Music” and tomorrow’s “Sunday Reading” (without Doonesbury; sorry, I’ll get it posted when I get going again).

For the record, this will be my sixth computer.  I started out in 1984 with an Apple IIc, which I still have in boxes in the garage.  I paid $1,500 for it at Schaack Electronics in Boulder.  I wrote plays, short stories, and my doctoral thesis on it — the first accepted at CU printed out on a dot-matrix printer in 1988 — and also used it in my office in Harbor Springs, Michigan, doing window and door sales.  It was replaced in 1996 by a Gateway 2000 with a 2-gig hard drive and a monitor the size of a small car.  It came with me to Miami in 2001 and I started writing “Bobby Cramer” as well as “Can’t Live Without You” on it.  It was replaced in 2002 with a Toshiba laptop hand-me-down from my mom.  It met its demise in 2006 when the screen died and was replaced by an HP laptop that had issues from the day I bought it until it finally cratered in October 2009.  That’s when I got this very reliable Toshiba that has been the source of almost all my writing since then, has traveled with me around the country, including numerous trips to theatre conferences, to visit my parents, and even to Alaska last summer.  But even with the new solid-state memory and expanded RAM that were installed last fall, it has been struggling to keep up with the working-from-home and the Zoom meetings.  So, this dude has gotten a Dell.

But fear not; like me, this machine will go into semi-retirement.  It’s going to be scrubbed, tidied up, and spend out its days with my mom in her retirement community, reading blogs and playing lots of Solitaire.  It’s earned it.

I actually have another computer in the house: it’s a loaner from work called a Think Centre, but it’s very, very slow and I don’t have the patience to work with it.  I need to catch up on my reading.

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  1. I’m about ready for a new computer myself — the present machine is a Lenovo that’s seven or eight years old; the RAM is almost full, and it’s developed a few quirks that don’t seem to respond to any fixes.

    My first one, ca. 1985, had two floppy drives; I don’t remember the make; I also had a printer that sounded like a battle scene from a WWII movie. I finally graduated to a Dell desk-top, followed eventually a by a Gateway laptop which was a real workhorse — until the motherboard died. I sometimes think I should have just had the motherboard replaced — it was a great machine.

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