Thursday, September 10, 2020

Of Course He Knew. Of Course He Lied.

There is nothing surprising at all in the revelations in the tapes released by Bob Woodward about what Trump knew about Covid-19 and the threat it raised to us.  Of course he knew and of course he lied about it, not because he wanted to save us from panic, but because he wanted to be re-elected.

That’s not a news flash.  I have never doubted it.  His lies and denials and malfeasance have basically destroyed millions of lives, businesses, and he doesn’t care.  Again, not a news flash.  We all knew he was capable of it.  We knew it in 2015, and anyone who has paid the slightest attention to his career knew it long before.

There are those who create evil and make it happen for their own ends.  Our civilization is rife with examples from time out of mind to our own generation: men who purposefully set out to destroy lives and nations for their own ends.  And then there are those who ignore the existential threat, who refuse to accept the reality of a threat as it approaches and let it run roughshod over the land, destroying everything in its wake.  Trump has done both.  He has, from the beginning, planned to take over the country and remake it for his own profit and aggrandizement, and to achieve that end, he ignored the threat from the virus; minimized it, mocked those who warned of what would happen, and then allowed it to go on.

I know what this pandemic has done to our lives, our jobs, and the future of this country.  I see it every day in the empty streets, the silent school halls, the shuttered theatres, my friends looking for a job after losing theirs.  I hear it in the voices of friends I see via Zoom but can’t see in person or hug.  And I know that through Trump’s negligence, my father is dead, along with more than 191,000 men, women, children; young, old, rich, poor, in every part of the country.  So while I and my family mourn the loss of Dad, multiply that by the millions of others who are dealing with the very real loss that could have been avoided because Trump and his minions want another political victory.

Maybe more generous souls can find it in their hearts to forgive him.  I cannot, and as long as I live, I will hold him responsible, not just for my father, but for all the rest that this plague has wreaked on this world.  He must be removed by whatever legal means there are before he does even more damage.  In the name of everything we hold dear, sacred, and to our hearts, nothing else matters.

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