Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A Little Night Music

Born on this date: Jerry Orbach.

One bark on “A Little Night Music

  1. Oh the Fantasticks! One of my very favorite shows, very big part of my growing up. A lot of sentimental value to me. Great tunes, much history with the Sullivan theatre in the village. Last time I was in New York I tracked down what is now the “official” production and finally saw it, up around the upper end of Times Square. Took my 26 year-old daughter (who lives in NY) & knows nothing about any shows older than, say, “Wicked”. She said she liked it but it certainly is a lot less flashy than what Broadway is like these days. I tried to hide my tears of emotion from her during the show- I’m such a sentimental softy, finally seeing the show who’s Broadway cast album I must have played a thousand times when I was younger. Thanks for the ALNM emotional experience tonight as I was going to bed

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